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The blockchain is a major innovation.

The blockchain is a major innovation.

Technological innovations, from big data and connected objects, to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, are arriving ever faster, bringing about significant changes in the ecosystems where they emerge. But the blockchain is much more than a technology. It is an organisational and information management model that could revolutionise whole sectors of the economy and society. Especially since this model addresses every major societal issue that figures amongst the expectations of citizen-consumers, such as transparency and trust.

Its best known application today is the bitcoin. While this virtual currency may have been through some ups and downs, the building block on which it is based, the blockchain, is increasingly being used as a protocol for a multitude of applications in finance, healthcare, real estate, online voting, etc.

In marketing, we can imagine applications to reinforce co-financing between brands and their consumers, or even between consumers themselves. The need to restore trust and the sense of mistrust in many people’s minds are such, that the potential is huge. As long as we fully understand the characteristics of this new paradigm and the possibilities of this new technology, all we have to do is imagine and build!


Between January 2015 and May 2016, the number of searches for “blockchain” on Google increased by 733%.